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What Is ARN (American Roaming Network)?

American Roaming Network (ARN) is the largest Un-Registered Roaming Service in the U.S.

ARN process over 10 million Unregistered/Nanual Roaming call attempts each month generated by the major U.S. mobile carriers. We process calls that are unregistered or not valid by the home carrier and are typically generated by un-registered or inactive mobile phones.

Most US mobile carriers use ARN to provide Manual Roaming Service to fulfill their FCC Manual Roaming requirements.

American Roaming Network operates a call completion system only designed to provide billing services and call completion to serve cellular direct-dialed calls within North America.

American Roaming Network uses a proprietary Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to process the billing of each call without live operator assistance. These helpful voice prompts guide callers through each step of the billing process. ARN’s centralized system controls call completion based upon the results of users input and the billing validation. If the ARN billing method is valid, the system allows the switch to complete the call. If ARN billing method is not valid, then the system does not allow the switch to complete the call and then offers the user an alternative method or the user disconnects.

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American Roaming Network provides 100% of the Manual Roaming Services to most all of the CDMA carriers in the U.S & Caribbean.

American Roaming Network (ARN) is the only Un-Registered Roaming Service in the U.S.
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